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Ubisoft Entertainment SA (; French: [ybisɔft]; formerly Ubi Soft Entertainment SA) is a French video game company headquartered in Montreuil with several development studios across the world. It publishes games for several video game franchises, including Rayman, Raving Rabbids, Prince of Persia, Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Just Dance, and Tom Clancy.

A user mentioned, "Ubisoft sucks ass, nothing ever works with their crappy ass servers. Get ready for a headache whenever you see their logo.”"


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Former Employee - Customer Support Manager says

"Management, HR, amenities, pay was awful"

Former Employee - Customer Support Representative says

"Everything else. You are expected to work like a robot copying and pasting answers which 99% of the time does not resolve the customer concerns. Also, because of unrealistic metrics, no one takes the time to figure out real solutions. The environment became as toxic as it could be, and everyone started to hate coming to work. No one want to even do overtime when it is offered. Pay is very low compared to industry for work and the. If you can make a decent wage somewhere else, I highly recommend to not apply because you will regret quitting your job for this. You will start getting weekly harassing emails from your manager telling how bad you are doing even though you have never received training that shows you how to handle those type issues. Monthly you will discussions your failures and how to improve and you will get written up. You will mostly likely get let go in few months. I have seen thousands of people come and go, some were fired and most left before they get fired. I loved working for this company when started, however things are getting worst after every upper management meeting and the only one affected are the ones at the bottom. Believe me when I say this, you will regret quitting your full time for this job. If you currently have a par time or temporary job somewhere else and needs stable pay and benefits, you could give this job a try temporarily till you find something better but do not think you will be in this job for years."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- My computer was stolen from the ubisoft building from my desk, a hobo off the street somehow came in and stole it. My work PC mind you. I lost 1-month worth of work. - I was robbed the second time when the fire exit door was remarkably left open, allowing more hobos to come in and steal my personal belongings this time. I wasn't the only one robbed in the building. The second time it also seemed like they didn't use insurance to cover the cost because then the insurance rate would go up, and I was told to suck it up. - Management was horrifying about the ordeal, claiming it was my fault my stuff got stolen the second time because a companywide e-mail was sent telling people not to have their personal items at work. So, you can't customize your desk on the fear of being robbed. Seriously, this is a multi-billion-dollar company that can't afford security. - My lead didn't know the direction we wanted to go. Using vague terminology to describe what he wanted in Wikipedia, then yelling at team for not going the direction he thought he wanted to go. - My leads and upper management wanted me to fail by not revealing to me issues they had with me and my work until the project was over. Unwilling to resolve issues amicably. - Producers had less experience in the industry than the development team. This let to many issues when producers would offer solutions that were bad ideas, but demand they be put in anyways, then removed when they didn't work, wasting time and resources from the devs. -Producers managed time but lied about the time we had to finish our part of the game. There are parts of the game untouched by our department because it was never scheduled. And yet my lead had the audacity to blame me for not finishing, left my head scratching. - Wasted food. We would get free food in the cafeteria, but management kept buying food no one wanted, resulting in a lot of food no one would touch. I can't believe I'm saying this, but the company had an unhealthy obsession with buying skim milk for everyone. There would be 1-2 jugs of skim milk that would go untouched rotten by the end of each weak, the fridge would be over-crowded with jugs of different types of milk. Meanwhile, when I requested one of the jugs be whole milk because the skim-milk goes wasted, I sent them a picture of the wasted milk, just so they'd believe me. I got written up for it because that insinuated the person ordering food is wasting food, and I hurt her feelings, apparently by sending the proof via pic. Can't believe that happened. - Instead of hiring a maid to clean dirty dishes, management would often throw away dirty dishes, cups, and silverware, rather than clean them. This happened more than once during production - Mandatory morning meetings wasting 2 + hours of work, providing little to no use to the majority who attend. They expect you to make up the time we missed in OT. - When they tell you to come to OT you better come, otherwise you'll be gone before you know it. - I got harassed by a disgruntled employee because he didn't like the way I worked on his stuff, even though I was asked by management to work on it. -Some leads JUST DON'T COMMUNICATE with their teams. Like, am I supposed to be working on this? Who is supposed to be working on this? It was never communicated, sometimes resulting in two team members having worked on the same thing. -Despite the many women and LGBT crowd at the company, I got picked on for being gay. In fact, one person calling me names, was a lesbian just trying to fit in with the guys. - One time I found spit in my coffee cup. I told my lead about it and he told me it was no big deal and to ignore it."

Technical Support Representative says

"Management will not listen to their employees. Will pay you well below the area average for that job. Not do review on a regular schedule. Keep you at a contract position while asking you to do full time employee's work. No room for career growth. Care more about the time on the phone then helping the customer."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I was unfortunately a part of the Dev side. To keep it simple, if you like pure disorganized chaos and absolutely horrendous toxic culture where numbers and checking things off the list is more important than a quality job or life, this is the place for you. Working there has become a part of my life that I just want forget and move on from..."

Digital Marketing Coordinator says

"Not only is there no room for growth. They have a method of hiring contracted employees for cheap and then giving them the boot when the contract is over to hire another contract employee for cheap. That way they don't have to provide full time benefits. Not only that, the environment disappointingly lacks any sort of passion for video games. People are there because they have to be. My own boss didn't know anything about video games in general. In one meeting, someone in management uttered the words, "It doesn't matter what we do, we have our fanboys to buy the games." Then I guess we can all just go home right? This place is like the behind the scenes of Disneyland, sad and dream crushing. Unless you want to be treated like crap, and have no Holidays off (because we're a French company of course), stay at your own risk."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Not much room for growth if you are looking to join SF based IT department."


"Corporate culture of producing games is growing worse. disappointed with how it is becoming a business instead of a game developer."

Current Employee - Game Tester says

"Beginners face lot of testing issues"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Not much scope to learn and grow. Sweatshop for other Ubisoft studios. Poor working conditions."

Customer Relationship Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"An absolute mess of top-down management. Keeps everyone in the dark and then gaslights any employee who complains. The agents who did most of the work were wonderful but management is poor and manipulative."

E-Commerce Manager (Current Employee) says

"Une vrai clique; Parisienne et sans qualification"

Game Programmer (Former Employee) says

"I have been at Ubisoft less than a year. Even people are not staying there less than a year. Very bad management and manager. HR is not cooperative. Salary is very less compared to other industry."

Chef de secteur (Former Employee) says

"2 secteurs en 1, 180 magasins 65h/semaines pour ne pas faire tous le travail demandés. Fréquence de visite incohérente (50 magasin en fréquence 2) le reste en fréquence moyenne d'une visite tte les 6 semaines. Relevé de prix à rallonge ( jusqu'à 180 prix à relever/magasin) Outil de travail lent et pas au point Management à revoirJ’espère que ça à changer (avis obligatoire en poste en 2012)trop"

Consumer Support Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Great on the outside, horrific management, huge amount of office politics and is massively understaffed. Avoid where possible even if you like games. Very stressful. Hopefully will relocate after brexit."

Customer Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"To start working at Ubisoft through their customer support, you have to start off as a temp employee. This can mean you work 4 months at a time on at least 3 different occasions before you ever get the opportunity to get full time employment. Some employees will work as temps for a year or two straight, at a time with no full time offer. While working as a temp employee, the benefits are bad (high health insurance costs, low pay, minimal gaming benefits, no company incentives/rewards like free gear or invitation to holiday parties which full time employees take advantage of) and you are treated very unfairly compared to the full time regular employees. The management is rude and doesn't know how to respectfully and professionally communicate with their employees. When asking for assistance with a case one manager will advise me to proceed in one way; a day later I will get a rude email from another manager telling me what I did was wrong. Ubisoft is not about the player or the employee, but only about itself. Don't ever work for this company!Management"

Chargé de communication interne (Current Employee) says

"(voir premier avis. Celui-ci est un doublon. Ne pas du tout tenir compte de cet avis svp. Merci d'avance)"

Costumer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Bad training they give you. Not the exact tool you need. Trainer don't show support. Be careful about gossip. Doesn't help you on developing your skills.Only coffee is free everything else is paying"

Quality Engineer (Current Employee) says

"No opportunities for development. Employ cant move from QE to development even though he has potential. Suffered a lot due to this. HR community is not responsive. Only intern HR work hard."

Game Tester (Former Employee) says

"No skill development programs for employees, No respect for hard work, no hope for future promotions, low salaries, Discrimination with employees from outer states from locals on higher positionNothingLow Salary, Evil HR policies, High Expectation"

Advisor to HR and Consumer Relationship Team Leads (Former Employee) says

"Ubisoft UK is great place to work, employees are actively encouraged to be creative, bring new ideas and immerse themselves in their role. The company is strong on employee engagement and staff turnover is generally low. The general feeling is generally 'work hard and play hard' when the pressure is on to meet a deadline then it's all hands on deck and it's a common to work late to get the job done, flexibility is important but when it's quieter, in the summer months especially there's a good emphasis on fun and relaxation and opportunity for the team to relax and unwind together.Great environment, good investment is employee engagement, discounted games"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"If you're not a geeky, white, and socially awkward don't even apply. You wont advance and if you're not buddy buddy with higher ups or people that control things there, good luck. The culture within this company is trash Great company but this particular location is full of racism. Apply and see for yourself. Nothing quite like having employees be afraid of you because of the way you look. Get ready for some awkward, extremely uncomfortable moments if your a person of color."

Colloquio in sede (Former Employee) says

"Prima di visitare la sede pensavo fosse una realtà impostante dove fare un discorso a lungo termine di crescita ma quello che mi sono ritrovato davanti è stato tutt'altro, precarietà contrattuale, living space tipo call center e un via via di giovanissimi. Alla richiesta della retribuzione desiderata ho sparato cifra stellare per levare subito le tende... magari non mi avrebbero comunque preso ;)Zona di lavoroSpazio vitale"

TEAM LEAD / FLOOR MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"If you are looking for a fun atmosphere and care nothing about your advancement this is the place for you. Consistently one of the lowest paid technical positions in the area. Very Cliquey, and they will not hesitate to fire you in order to have a scape goat for any problems that arise not even related to your responsibilities.Fun atmosphere, the people are great (below management)Low pay, frequently changing requirements as management changes often, scape goat mentality"

Office coordinator (Former Employee) says

"long hours with a promise of a permanent position and was never going to happenFlexiCouldn't use Flexi"

Community Rep (Former Employee) says

"Typical work day consist of sitting in front of a monitor engaging with players on social media sites that you were given access to. The hardest part is dealing with consistent boredom. No real growth within the company unless someone relocates to another state or country. Job is nice if you are going to school or have roommates to be able ease the burden of bills. Low pay to sit and talk to people on social media sites. If you're looking to pursue this job and grow be prepared to stay in your position for two years for a slight pay increase.Rarely provides free lunches, Can keep to yourself and work without being botheredNo paid sick or vacation days, No room for growth, Low pay"

Technical Support Representative (Former Employee) says

"Pros: Relaxed work enviroment Made good friends Cons: Management will not listen to their employees. Will pay you well below the area average for that job. Not do review on a regular schedule. Keep you at a contract position while asking you to do full time employee's work. No room for career growth. Care more about the time on the phone then helping the customer."

Notetracker (Former Employee) says

"I was hired on a temporary contract that started with two months training on proprietary software and lots of subjectivity in how the work was to be completed (gotta respect the NDA's, so I can't offer up details). Worked very hard, loved the gig, even though the software was buggy enough to cause work loss regularly and supervisors gave us contradictory information as to how the work should be completed. Of the four of us hired (through multiple interviews, BTW) two of us were let go six weeks later for the vague "We have an idea of what level you should have been at by this point." I was immediately told to clean out my desk and escorted to the street as if I were caught stealing. Serious problems in organization and management on this particular team.one free lunch, well stocked cafeteria, nice guys on my immediate team.being fired for not being trained properly while still in the training period!"

Data Manager (Former Employee) says

"The company has a great benefits package and treats its employees very well. The problem is everything else below this. The building is old and absolutely filthy, the workload is completely unbalanced from job title to job title, and management is often completely clueless. I really did not enjoy my time at this company, but not because of the company, but the people employed by them, and the conditions of the working environment.Freedom, great benefitsFilthy, loud, distracting environment"

International Business Developer (Former Employee) says

"Un manque globale de compétence des RHs complices d’une culture d’entreprise toxique sont coupables des faits décrits dans les actualités."

bp says

"They suck sooooo bad... No help. Love the games. Cant play because everything else is AWFUL."

Waldo Rabski says

"I purchased games that would not work with my console (description on the site said they would). Requested return and waited almost two months for return shipping label? Really Ubisoft? No one can generate a shipping label and email it? When I called after a month I was told by an angry person because I called it will take even longer to issue the label. Disgusting."

Rylo T says

"Back to rockstar I go before u even purchase a game I'm checking the company history u have to be aware garbage games background check game company like ubisoft never will I buy another ubisoft period."

Tom says

"I have been playing AC Valhalla for 39 hours. TWICE this game has now reset my progress hours behind. I keep getting a message cannot connect to Ubisoft services. I thought nothing of this and played the game for 5 hours a few days ago. I closed the game down and re-opened it after the whole time the autosave feature has been working and telling me the game has saved. I open the game to see my progress has not been saved for the entire 5 hour session? I then catch up to myself replaying the same mind numbing missions over again. I decided from here to use the quick save option after every mission which I have been doing during this session. I have collected multiple items, synced locations and completed a whole arc using quicksave. I had a glitch where the same music was playing, so I quick saved and closed the game down. I HAVE RELOADED TO SEE MY PROGRESS HAS BEEN RESET AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I opened my saves up and saw that I had a quick save I could load from today at 16:09 when I closed the game down. I loaded the quicksave and it has just put me EXACTLY where the game had reset my progress to? This is not some cheap s****y games company and this is not a cheap price to pay for the game???????? I refuse to replay these missions again and spend hours going back over the same s**t. I love the series, but this has seriously let me down, upset me and seriously caused a lot of stress to me. I contacted Ubisoft support and they have told me to reset my router and there is nothing they can do. Extremely disappointed and will be having this refunded by XBOX and no longer playing games published by Ubisoft. Their lack of care has really put me off, along with the many bugs."

Mr Steve Pryor says

"I've been waiting three weeks for my order. Due to Brexit it was caught up at Calais and returned to Ubisoft on Jan 4. I've been trying to contact customer support and after a week I finally got "we'll look into it." I don't think I've ever run across a worse customer support team! Place your order with someone else."

Flobalob says

"Not sure how this company is still going, customer service is non existent, this company was bad before coronavirus, but now they’re using the excuse of coronavirus for giving crap service, I’ve had an issue where I exchanged 100 units for 20% off, the transaction failed and since august I started playing email tennis with customer service to get the failed credits back, they keep asking for different screen shots most you submit aren’t acceptable, I’ve give the order number and failed credit discount code, that wasn’t acceptable or enough, they just keep asking for stuff that you have to jump through hoops for, and on top of that the game I eventually got isn’t fit for purpose Assassins Creed Valhalla or it’s full of bugs and the sound drops intermittently every few seconds, disappointing to say the least, I can understand why people get pirated copies of games, it’s much easier than the official route"

NameTag TTV says

"Biggest ShitLauncher EVER! If you want to play any Ubisoft games, just dont do it. A: They are even to fuked to fix their login, B: If you reset your Keyword/Password you will have to wait 30ish mins until you can log back in, because hes simply isnt accepting the new one. Besides that its super laggy & a dogexperience, Literally bought 3 games which i never played since I got cancer due to using their dogasslauncher"

Tim Fairhead says

"Ordered an item hoping it would arrive by Christmas. It hadnt arrived by January. Tried to email and waited a week with no reply. Used chat system and had blunt reply. Tired chat again and was told my item was cancelled and I would get full refund and they would email me confirmation of this which didn't happen. Item arrived today! I would not recommend this company for obvious reasons, just look at all the poor reviews they have had."

Tom says

"So far 59 days and counting trying to simply return a game/get a refund. No response for weeks at a time on my support case. Slowest customer support I've ever dealt with, avoid purchasing anything from Ubisoft because if you have any issues you'll never get them resolved!"

Fuck Ubisoft says

"The launcher is garbage, Valhalla is bugged as f uck it’s ridiculous. Already found 2 quests that literally don’t work one the character refuses to move the other the objective is under the f ucking map. What a disgrace"

michael says

"The won't help you solve a problem. The customer service is only online available. The don't look into your problem. So if you have a problem with a game made by Ubisoft don't expect any support from Ubisoft."


"Customer services take weeks to respond (if you even get a response). Very poor service, I would not recommend. Still waiting for a returns label (over 2 months) to be sent as a product was incorrect."

Fu says

"I’ve bought every Creed game, Valhalla, sucks!!!! There’s more glitches than I can count, there’s no support, and multiple quests that can’t be completed per less than amazing programming / coding. I will never buy the one of their products again, pathetic...."

Taha Zgued says

"Took me days going back and forth with the support to convince them that their product have a problem. They made me go through many testing steps which are not related to my issue. They finally escalated for a refund and it's been 10 days now still no update and no ETA. Ubisoft support sucks. If you choose to launch your game during the holydays you need to prepare yourselfs for it"

Sean Yeates says

"Subscribed to Ubisoft + thinking it was a great deal. But these guys will charge you and suspend your account. DO NOT BUY FROM UBISOFT. A criminal enterprise indeed."

Bjørn Christensen says

"I canceled my purchase seconds after buying, without downloading or anything, and they still take days reacting on what could have been automatically cancelled. And any company enforcing the policy of "you opened it, now you own it" is a shameful eticless and thieving company. especially when they now that they sell broken and half finished games, while they corrupt reviewers or withhold review copies."

Jake says

"Signed up for Ubisoft+, entered a card, and paid for a 1 month subscription. Money leaves account, fine. 20 mins later another payment is taken. 5 weeks it took for them to respond..... Generic response, no refund on 2nd payment. 1 week after that, copy and paste answers and still no money. Poor response from: Ubi-Fang Ubi-Dena Ubi-Ferret Ubi-ShugokiLord"

Nicoro says

"Takes them weeks to say the same. Copy paste nonsense over and over not solving the issues, refuse refunds for services that don't work.. Tell you they will put it to someone higher and you get the same copy paste stuff after waiting over another week. I wouldn't ever buy from these again... The customer service robots don't deserve any form of pay just get a monkey who can press ctrl and v would save them mammoths amount of money for a otherwise useless company."

Thomas Barker says

"If l could put 0 starts l would, my issues with them is both valhalla and watchdogs locked my ubisoft account. I proved everything they asked for apart from last bit, which was for a cd key for a game in 2009(no idea were the game has come from, never owned it on pc). There now saying they have no time scale when it will be fixed as they can't go any further, which basically means never. Don't buy there games, full of glitchs and the support is past bad."

Kevin Shady says

"I wish I could give a worse review than 1 star, I can't access R6 siege content that I paid for, and ubisoft only keep asking me to provide all sorts of media uploads, they won't help, I do everything they ask and they just give me the run around. They're not interested in helping their customers, customer support is a waste, waste of time, waste of company money spent on the department. I want simple help, which I'm sure lots of others are having issues with right now, but they're incompetent and are unwilling to help, why even have @support?"

Silver Surfer Productions says

"I got pretty much scammed by Ubisoft and Instant Gaming. I started a support ticket with them because I didn't have access to my Far cry 3 Deluxe Edition's exclusive content (and I still don't). It went on for like 3 weeks and they pretty much told me that my key had been revoked because I bought it from an unauthorized reseller (Instant Gaming). I presented proof of the legitimacy of the purchase and everything but neither Instant Gaming nor them wanted to helped me. I now have the game on my library but I can't play the Deluxe content. This is beyond stupid and after this I'm not sure if I'll ever buy anything from neither Ubisoft or Instant Gaming. Pro tip: If you ever find yourselves in a situation like this, just lie! Telling the truth leads you to this, apparently: A long term costumer scammed by them!"

Fuckubisodt says

"Don’t buy their games they are full of bugs assassins creed Valhalla buggy mess they haven’t fixed any game breaking bug so far they are lazy assholes "

LITO says

"After 4 years of my last experience with Ubisoft (Farcry 3) I dared to give a chance to Farcry 4, the games itself are OK, but the connectivity issues (screen freezing, enemies/animals not spawning, unending loading times...) and crashesh due to that are unbearable and frustating. I wonder how they can make a business with such a user experience, I guess for video consoles they may have it undercontrol, but for PC, I am not trying anymore. "

zewmin says

"So many one player games that require an internet connection. Steep was like this and it was so stupid. When they launched an update where you could grind I spent like 30 minutes just trying to find a rail and eventually gave up. The map navigation in that game was horrible. All their open world games like assassins creed are so sparsely populated with content and all the content is just copy and pasted versions of the same handful of assets. Don\'t even get me started on the storylines. So convoluted and stupid, always pushing some cringe political agenda. Putting out gameplay trailers with content that isn\'t actually in the game. The only thing they\'re good at is hyping up their games pre-launch with false promises."

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